Mobile Technology

Our platform works on a variety of devices ranging from computers, tablets and cell phones granting access anywhere at any time in the world. This is great for easy use of access as well as for students who cannot attend school regularly due to distance, natural disaster or conflict. 

Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

We provide more than 30 Choose Your Adventure Tales that are globally based so students are able to engage in rich story lines while learning to celebrate many cultural influences. We believe early exposure to many cultures, customs and people in a fun, engaging context can help build the foundation for tolerance, appreciation and friendship.


23 Essential Literacy Skills

The ABC includes more than 23 essential literacy skills through a series of activities. Our program is a comprehensive tool to build the fundamental and necessary skills needed for strong readers.

Differentiated Instruction

Our program allows for differentiated instruction so every child can learn at their own pace. Students who are ahead have more challenging material and students who need more reinforcement can loop back for additional lessons until mastery is achieved.

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